About Riad11 Design

Riad11 Design was founded in 2015 by Alexandra Jahn, a German expat living in Marokko with her family.

She build up relationships with craftspeople and artists from collaborations, which were established to give meaningful employment and help to ensure traditional crafts. 

The baskets, bags and interior design pieces are full of color, life and culture. Since they are handcrafted, each one is unique and has its special little something. 

"Bohemian style" stands for ethnic design, but it is more than that. It applies for those who live unconventional, feel comfortable with patterns, plants, geometric shapes and weavings and it evokes a colorful and picture of hippies, artists, travelers and "free spirits". No matter if you simply want to bring a subtle boho accent to your outfit with a little sisal cross body bag or love the colorful over-the-top decorated rooms, that are typical for this style, you´ll find, what you are looking for.